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Attempted Legal Threats
Some really dumb fuckers!

  • Some stupid silly son of bitch webmaster named Eric Davis decided to visit . Eric Davis sees our famous "Topless Beach" section and decides he wants to file a copyright infringement complaint.
    Eric Davis complaint 1    Eric Davis complaint pt 2

    He notifies my host and files a copyright infringement complaint regarding my site.
    Unknown to me (untill it happened), Phatservers suspends my Nakedamateurs account.
    Phatservers to me ( which I never seen )
    My letter to Phatservers
    Phatservers reason for suspending my account

    When hosting services read anything pretaining to copyright violations, it's in their best interest not to challenge it. They simply remove whatever it is anyone claims is their copyright and that's that. Phatservers never requested this hemorrhoids documentation prior to suspending my account.
    (Will now insist on documentation so you better have it!)
    Eric Davis's website page clearly states he does not have any documentation which includes 2257.
    After confronted with profiting from a website that has no 2257 documentation, Eric Davis ignored that question stating he owns the copyrights. Eric Davis offers no proof of copyright ownership because he has no proof. suspension didn't last more than 20 minutes ( email time ) before was reinstated and realizing Eric Davis is full of shit.
    Phatservers reinstates my account

    Eric Davis's 2257 page informing everyone that he has no 2257 documentation!
    Eric Davis is profiting from a pay website! ... Without 2257 documentation!
    Admits no documentation

    You can change whatever you want on your website now!
    Your site was already screen-captured and viewed by several witnesses including my lawyer.
    All the false and misleading information you sent to Phatservers was forwarded to my attorney.

    *His URL blackened so I do not give this asshole free advertisment!
    *I never even heard of his tiny peice of shit website or the assclown behind it.

  • Email responses

          Subject: infringement
          Date: Fri, April 2, 2010 3:36 pm
       Eric Davis made a deplorable fool of himself.

          Subject: He's the one in violation
          Date: Fri, April 2, 2010 5:12 pm
       The real question is his profits from publishing online content that has not passed legal clearance.

          Subject: I too had an encounter
          Date: Sat, April 3, 2010 10:07 pm
       I too had an encounter with with Mr.Davis. He is obviously ignorant to the fact most of your topless beach niche photographs ( He claims copyright / Claimed mine were his too ) were shot in the time frame of 1999 to 2008. With that in mind, Mr. Davis's profit generating website is shockingly illegal ignoring recordkeeping and labeling requirements. I am courious whether CCBill is aware?

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